Dietro le quarte – Life is distracting me

I have been living in Spain for 5 months now, and I think that this short time changed me a lot, and fast, almost like a teenager when (do u remember?) life was new every day.

Here I can feel my personality being modified by events and people, by being here alone, meeting new friends, watching documentaries about local communities, dancing in clubs (seriously??? Yes, I’m telling you, I’m fucking changing mate!) while for almost 30 years I’ve been the one in a corner, smoking and thinking about Kant (or Philip Dick) when my girlfriends dragged me in some dancing place.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, really, there is a separate section of my brain that gets activated and screams to me: what the fuck are you doing??  But, well, usually I put some serious effort in explaining my reasons and she calms down, so at the end of the day we have quite a good relationship XPXP

The problem with all this excitement and changing is that real life is distracting me from writing. I have to admit. I spend more time thinking about the weekend, or the guy I like, or the friends I want to see, than about my beloved characters. I’ve been almost completely blocked for a couple of weeks, then yesterday I managed to write a page and I realised that, actually, writing perfectly fits this new life/personality/energy/attitude etc. etc.

Happy now 😉 Keep creating my dear crazy-ish(s)


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