Dietro le quarte – driving me mad

So, my dear, as you might know I’ve been living in a small town (village is too depressing…) for 6 months now, with 6 more months to go.

Winter has gone, it’s true, the hard part should be over, but ironically I’m starting now to feel trapped.

Maybe because the sunny days remind me of home (I’m homesick for the first time in my life) and I wish to be there, walking in our mountains with family and friends, making fires in the woods, drinking wine in the parks, talking about the stars and the expanding universe.

But I have 6 more months to go and I have to find a way not to die of boredom. Seriously. Have you ever lived in a Galician village for a year? No? So don’t you dare judging me! (just kidding, don’t you worry I am very non violent)

So, as I just finished the first draft of a novel, I’m thinking that in order to survive I should start another… and maybe I could indulge in a medieval fantasy… just to cheer myself up ^^ And if you think about it… I’m surrounded by woods and fields… what a better setting to write a fantasy?

This place is driving me mad…


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